DIY Easter Bunny Vase

Easter is around the corner and I haven't had the chance to do make any Easter decoration. These cute Easter bunny vases are perfect as a last minute project and super easy and fun to make, especially with your kids!

What you will need:
- vase (I still had some vases from the dollar store which I used for this project)
- acrylic paint
- foam rubber sheets
- transparent paper (you can also use colored cardboard in a lighter shade as your foam rubber)
- black sharpie
- googly eyes
- glue
- brush

1. paint your vase with the acrylic paint in your desired color - let dry completely

2. cut bunny ears from the foam rubber sheets and slightly smaller ears from the transparent paper for the inside of the ears and glue them together

3. when the vase is completely dry glue the googly eyes and use the sharpie to draw a face

4. last step: glue the bunny ears in the inside of the vase

I made three vases in the colors of our dinning room scheme which are now our center pieces. I think they are adorable!

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