Road Trip to Sogamoso, Boyaca

What's more fun than taking spontaneous road trips? I love them, especially since they are full of surprises (getting lost and having a flat included). 

We recently took a weekend trip to Daniel's home town Sogamoso with several stops in the beautiful state of Boyaca. I completely fell in love with the landscape, people... and stray dogs (I wish I could have taken all of them home!). The people of Colombia are some of the nicest and most humble people I have every met in my life. Their hospitality almost knows no limits - and especially the people with the least to give will offer you as much as they can. 

Another thing I love about exploring different places (especially small villages) is the cuisine and local pubs - they are so much fun! I love trying new and local foods and getting surprised by their unique flavors. Also, as a German girl I have to say that the Colombian beer is surprisingly tasty and perfect for a hot summer day - especially Club Colombia.

What are your favorite parts about taking road trips?

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