Adorable Elephant Felt Sewing Kit

Aren't grandmas amazing? They taught us how to bake, gave us candy right before dinner time, and are always on our side! I love my grandma - she is just the sweetest and realest person I have ever met. She will feed you sweet vanilla ice cream with hot cherries while giving you the real talk and making you fear for your life. She doesn't sugar-coat anything and tells you exactly what she thinks about your new boyfriend and your current hairstyle. For me, she is truly an inspiration and the strongest person I know! But the thing I love the most about her is that she knows me so well. Since my husband and I moved away from Germany (where all my family lives) to start our own little adventure, my grandma has been sending us regular care-packages with everything I love (and even some Haribo-treats for my hubby). Her boxes are always filled with motivational quotes, cook books, baking supplies, handmade decoration, and crafty things. Opening her boxes is like Christmas for me! You can really tell how much thoughts, care, and love she put in each and every package - which makes me miss her and my whole family even more. 

In her last box, my lovely grandma - knowing how much I love working with felt - sent me a felt sewing kit. I have always made my felt designs myself and never thought about buying a kit, but I totally loved how pretty each piece was and how easy it was to make. Felt sewing kits are perfect for crafty people who love beautiful designs, and who don't have the time to create their own patterns. They are super easy to make, since the kit include very detailed and understandable instructions, which also explains the different kinds of stitches (perfect for everyone who isn't big on sewing - like me!). 

My kit included the design of a super adorable elephant with beautiful, sparkling threads and colorful decoration. It didn't take me very long to finish this piece, which was perfect for a quite Sunday evening of listening to great music, drinking delicious wine, and doing crafts!
I found some other very pretty and creative felt sewing kits here, and I will definitely use one of these designs again - either to make them myself or as a project with my nieces!

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