Easy Packing for Traveling with a Carry-On

Since my husband and I travel and move a lot I have learned a few tricks that made our trips so much easier! I used to be one of those people that would randomly throw everything in their suitcase - and I really mean everything - and then later realize that I had wasted half of the space with clothes that I wasn't going to wear and toiletries/beauty article that I really didn't need. Over the time, I have become much smarter and experienced, and now personally prefer only traveling with a carry-on, which is so much more handy!

Carry-ons will simplify your vacation
Do you hate waiting in line to get your bag checked in? Hate waiting for it even longer at your destination? Hate getting into a crowed subway or bus with your big and heavy luggage? Well, a carry-on is your answer! Your travel experience will be less stressful if you pack light and handy. Also, a carry-on is much easier to keep track of - if it's on the airport (in the past two years, my bags were lost once, ended up at a different airport, and even arrived the destination earlier than me), in the subway, or when checking into the hotel. Carry-ons are truly great, and you don't even have to leave anything essential behind.

What comes in - clothing. Only pack what you are really going to need (and I mean really, really need). Don't know which pieces of clothing to take? Don't think as your clothing as single pieces, but as outfits. Try some outfits before packing and decide which ones you are going to wear on your trip. Also, pick colors that are easily to match (mixing and matching pieces of clothing will give you more options without packing heavier). Last, always take a scarf in a neutral color that will match your outfits in case you get cold. 

What comes in - toiletries. When packing cosmetics and toiletries, don't go overboard. If you notice that you are missing something, you can always buy small sized toiletries at any drugstore at your destination. To save space, try transferring everything liquid (soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer) in smaller bottles that will only last for the duration of your trip. Also, taking dry-shampoo will not only save on the amount of shampoo and conditioner you have to take, but also will save you so much time (I don't go anywhere without it anymore)! As far as make-up, you really don't need tons of it, especially when going on a hot summer vacation. Take a good sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, mascara, and some tinted lib balm (which can also be used as rouge). 

What comes in - additional items. Like said before, you can buy a lot of things, if needed, at a drugstore. Still, make sure that you have certain products in your carry on, in case you need them during your flight or on your way. These includes band aids, hand sanitizer, eye drops, a good moisturizer, tissues, hair elastics, lip balm, and pain killers. 

What stays out - clothing. Don't take anything you haven't worn before, or that you are not sure about if you are going to wear it at all. Don't take a random mix of colored clothing, since you won't be able to match them. Don't waste space on many jackets - only take one that can be used when it gets chilly or rainy. The same goes for jeans - you can wear jeans for a bit without having to wash them, so don't take a pair of pants for every day of your trip.

What stays out - toiletries. Don't take much make-up. Take a few essentials like sunscreen, tinted moisturizer, and products that can be used as all-rounders, like a tinted lip balm that can be used as rouge and a mascara that - when pressing it on your lower eyelashes - can work as an eyeliner. As said before, don't take regular sized soaps, shampoos, and body lotions. If your drugstore does not sell smaller version, simply transfer your own products to smaller plastic bottles. 

How to pack
My number one rule is: Roll it up! Folding your clothes will take too much space, so roll it tightly (you can use rubber bands to keep the clothes rolled up and in place). You also want to use every space possible. Fill up your shoes, socks, and every corner. When it comes to organization, I sometimes like to use a hanging organizer to keep my bag organized. It also has the benefit that you don't need to unpack your bog - simply hang the organizer in the closet in your hotel room.

These are my little trips and tricks that I have learned over the time, what are yours? Do you have any packing and traveling hacks?

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  1. Such great tips - I'm going to Berlin in the winter and were only taking carry on and i was stressing about how I would pack!!



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