Gift Idea: The Man Bouquet

This week, the birthday of my husband's best friend came sneaking up on us. Don't get me wrong, we didn't forget about it - we had already bought a gift for him a while ago. But for since this guy is such a special person we wanted to do a little more. The weekend of his birthday came and - feeling secure since we had already a gift for him - we totally forgot to prepare some other things, which meant that we had to make some small, last minute arrangements. 

My husband and I bought a cake (usually, I prefer to do all the baking myself but that day we just didn't have enough time) and decorated a small space in our home with balloons, a banner, and his gift. On our way back from the store bakery, I asked my husband if we should get his friends some flowers (I personally love a bouquet of fresh flowers!). In response to that, my lovely husband just looked at me and said "but you do now that he is a guy, right?" That's when I had the idea to still get him a bouquet, but not just any bouquet... a man bouquet! My husband clearly had no idea what I was talking about, but I was already walking back to the store to buy some small and inexpensive things I could use. 

For my man bouquet, I used mainly candy bars and small liquor bottles as the "flowers", as well as a couple of lollipops for decoration. I also bought a long gift box, a couple of sticks, some paper streamer, and a styrofoam block to put the sticks in place and give them hold (instead of the gift box you can also use a bucket or a classic vase).

First, I cut the styrofoam block according to the gift box and put it inside. Then, I glued the candy and bottles on the sticks and stuck them inside the foam. At last, I filled any empty spaces with the lollipops and decorated the box a little bit with paper streamer. 

I love how easy it was making this small "bouquet" and my husbands friend really liked it! (it also looked super cute in our small birthday space)

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