My – it’s almost half-way through the year – Bucket List for 2015

It's already May! Can you believe it? Only a couple more weeks and we are half way through 2015! But hold on - there's still so much to do! What about all the plans and New Year's resolutions I had for this year? How come that time is running so incredibly fast? Have I really been this busy lately?

2014 truly was an excited and busy year. I started going back to college, quit the best job I have ever had, moved to another continent (again) with my husband (hello South America!), lived in a hotel for six month (which sounds more adventures than it actually is), started learning a different language (again), met my husband’s entire family for the first time without being able to speak one word with them (still need to work on that language), spend my first Christmas with my family in Germany in 3 years, and met so many great and amazing people.

Getting comfortable in Colombia took some time, therefore I promised myself that 2015 would be the year in which we really start enjoying our new lifestyle and truly make the best of it. Now, we are already five months into 2015 and despite the fact that I have accomplished some of my New Year’s resolutions (starting a blog, running 4 times a week, and practicing my Spanish more often), there is still so much left I have not done. Realizing that many points on my list were simply not achievable (at least in my current situation), I decided to make a new list. This time only including things I will actually be able to do (with the right motivation and dedication), in order to make 2015 even more exciting than 2014!

My – it’s almost half-way through the year – bucket list for 2015

1. Eating pasta in Italia
This one is definitely going to happen since our Italy vacation has been booked for weeks and I love, love pasta!
2. Volunteer more
I have always liked volunteering but especially since living in Colombia, I desperately feel a need for it. Seeing how privileged most of us are made me truly realize the impact only one single person can have on somebody else’s life
3. Learn how to prepare a traditional Colombian dish
Preferable by watching my lovely mother-in-law
4. Write more letters
The only person I have been writing letters to since leaving Germany has been my grandma, since she does not have internet. Surprisingly, I feel more connected to her than to my friends and rest of my family who I text/e-mail almost every day. This is definitely a reason to write letters to different people
5. Wall climbing
Let’s see how strong my arms really are!
6. Zip lining in Medellin
I have been promised this for a while by my sweet husband but it hasn’t happened so far (hint hint)
7. Make homemade bread

As a German, making bread at home is important – we love homemade bread!
8. Read an entire book in Spanish
Yes, I have to fully understand it and no, children’s books don’t count
9. See a ballet

I have seen a couple of ballets and even been a part of one, but never in South America

10. Hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu
Something I’m really looking forward to 
11. Complete a half marathon
Something I’m really not looking forward to (at least as of today)
12. Visit the Amazonas
Summer 2015!
13. Horseback riding on the beach
Doesn’t this sound romantic?
14. Do yoga…
… and stick with it this time.
15. Read the top 50 books of all times
I have already started, so this one is a work in progress
16. Spend Christmas in New York
With the in-laws :)
17. Keeping a GPA of at least 3.90
The nerd inside of me picked this one
18. Go scuba diving
Dominican Republic please?
19. Spend a whole afternoon/night drinking beer at a German brewery with my husband
We are huge Weissbier-Fans!
20. Write a short story
Preferably for children. This is actually something I have been wanting to do for a while. Having the cutest niece and nephew in the world hopefully is motivation enough!

What’s still part of your bucket list for 2015? Is there anything you want to accomplish this year? Tell me about it!

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    1. Hi there! Thank you so much! I love your blog, so many great ideas!

  2. Hello! como estas ? I hope you are enjoying Colombia! hihhi

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    1. Hola! Bien y tu? I love Colombia, it's so much fun! There is so much to see and explore! :)


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