Taco Tuesday: Less than 200 kcal Tacos

My husband and I love Mexican food! Taco Tuesdays are our favorite days, and especially Taco's and Fajita's are what I mostly splurge on. Unfortunately, Tacos (as well as Fajitas) can be loaded with fat and calories, since they come with rich sour cream, calorie-heavy guacamole, sauce, and a fried flour shell. Still, giving up tacos definitely is not an option - at least not for me, and it really does not have to go that far. With some fresh and nutritiousness ingredients, Tacos can actually be a great addition to your diet, without loosing any of the delicious flavor. 

Each serving of these tasty Tacos has less than 200 calories, so you can easily eat two whole tacos with some black beans on the side for a healthy meal full of nutrients. 

Ingredients- taco shells
- one red bell pepper
- one onion
- grilled flank steak

- guacamole
- lettuce
- light cheese (preferably pepper jack cheese)

Cut the bell pepper and onion in stripes and cook them until browned. Cut the flank steak in bite sized stripes and grill them. You can season the meat with salt and pepper or Taco seasoning. Heat up the taco shells in the oven and fill them first with a couple of lettuce and then with the bell pepper mixture and steak. Top the Taco with a tablespoon of guacamole and sprinkle with cheese. 

You can also leave out the taco shells and make a delicious taco salad!

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