Trip to the Nature Park Guatika - Boyaca, Colombia

I'm not at all a fan of zoos since I really believe that exotic animals should not be kept in captivity (or any other animals). A couple of weeks ago I heard of an animal park in Boyaca (Tibasosa), called Guatika, which gives home to mistreated and rescued animals - both domestic and exotic. I have wanted to check out this place since I read about it since it also offers fun activities for adults and children. So on our last visit to Boyaca, we took the time to visit Guatika for a whole day and had a fun time! 
We got to see many different animals, of which most where trafficked and rescued, and also had a fun time zip-lining, driving quad, horse-back riding and wall-climbing. 

Compared to other animal/nature parks I have seen before, this one really seemed peaceful and animal-friendly. It's great to visit a place that seems to care about the well-being of the animals, and also offers great activities for children, as well as adults. 

It definitely was worth the trip and I would recommend Guatika to everyone who is spending some time close in Colombia. Also, this is a great opportunity to see some more of the beautiful landscape of Boyaca. Just look at these mountains... aren't they spectacular?

(One of three white tigers that was rescued from a circus only 2 days before our visit. A bigger place for them is currently in construction)

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  1. I'm colombian, and i didn't know about this park, thank you!.

    1. You're very much welcome! We had a great time there - but I honestly always do when taking trips in Colombia. It's just such a beautiful country.

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    1. Thank you! It really is a special place.

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