Want it Wednesday: STAR WARS themed Makeup from Covergirl

Good news for all the geeks out there: In September, in time for the premiere of The Force Awakens, CoverGirl is releasing a Star Wars-themed makeup collection. The collection includes six shimmery lipsticks, three nail polishes, and ten different mascaras. The limited collection, designed by the legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, begs the question: Are you on the light side or the dark side?
Best thing about it? This makeup collection is actually very affordable! The lipsticks range from 

$5.99 - $7.99, nail polishes from $4.99 - 6.99, and mascaras from $5.99 - 7.49 (this is almost half the price of the Cinderella inspired makeup from MAC!)

I'm really in love with the lipsticks in rose-gold and aubergine! I'm also super excited about the mascaras - did you notice the famous Star Wars quote on them? 

Which product is your favorite? And are you on the light side or the dark side?

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  1. This is so cool! I never knew they were going to do that, i guess i must of had my head under a rock or something haha xx


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