Couple Recreates 101 Dalmatians Scene for their Adorable Engagement Shot

Do you remember that super cute scene from the 1961 Disney classic 101 Dalmatians when Roger and Anita meet for the first time and are tied together by Roger's dalmatian, Pongo? This scene is not only incredibly romantic, but also the start of the story of 101 Dalmatians

The two dog-lovers and singers Tony Collier and Corinne Jones decided that this iconic scene would be the perfect inspiration for their engagement photo shoot. Recreating this scene even gave the couple the chance to get their own two dogs, Mookie and Izabella, involved. Their photos instantly went viral - no surprise here, they are one of the cutest things I have seen in a while, even their outfits are perfect!
Check out the photos, taken by Melissa Biggerstaff!

Film fan: The couple used their dogs Mookie and Izabella in place of the dalmatians 
Their story: Tony and Corinne are both from Chicago, Illinois but now live in Napierville 
Lit love: Corinne and her fiance both worked at Walt Disney World after graduation 
Reading it: In the movie, Anita sits on a park bench to read 
Iconic scene: Tony gazes into the distance with his dog 
Movie moment: In another scene, Roger and Pongo relax by the water 
Splash! The couple even recreated the moment when the characters ended up toppling over into the lake, getting totally drenched in the process 
All wet: In the movie, Roger and Anita got soaked 
To the rescue: Tony and Corinne put their own twist on the moment when Roger rings out his handkerchief 
Helping out: In the movie, the tension is finally broken when the couple crack up over their sopping wet handkerchiefs         via

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