Individual Seven-Layer Dips

These individual Seven-Layer Dips are great for parties and as appetizers. Everybody gets their own gets their own layered dip, without any double dipping!

When hosting a party or a gathering with friends, I like to serve different appetizers and finger foods instead of one big meal. The choices you have when it comes to finger foods are endless - and they offer creative and stylish serving suggestions. Also, one big plus is that your guests can easily take the leftovers home - no big clean up needed!

Making different appetizers is a crowd-pleaser - there is always something for everybody! On our last party with friends I made different options for all my friends - from sweet to sour, spicy to salty, and savory to healthy. 

One thing that is a must for any party is a great dip! After finding some inspiration on Pinterest, I decided to make individual seven-layer dip cups and they were a hit! The great thing about the cups is that you can fill them up with any dip options you like, making them unique and perfect for your and your friends taste. 

individual seven layer dip, appetizer and finger food

For my dip cups I used refried beans, homemade guacamole, a spicy cheese dip and salsa. 

Other great options are pico de gallo, sour creme, beans, cheese, olives, green onions, shredded lettuce, and artichoke dip.

Serve them with plenty nacho chips and enjoy!

individual seven layer dip, appetizer and finger food

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