Truth Be Told: Never Loose Your Childhood Best Friend

best childhood friend forever
(I met my best friend when I was 10 years old... little did I know that after 16 years, we would still talk to each other every day, and that she would be closer to me than ever - even being my maid of honor)

Remember how easy it was to make friends when you were a kid? 

You didn't have to do much - just share a toy, live next to each other, or have a buddy in common and you were friends. It was that easy. As adults, it's much harder to make friendships - at least the real and deep ones. No other friendship is going to be as meaningful and special as the one you have with your childhood best friend. They understand us, because they know who we were when we were younger and how we became the person we are today. Their perspective of us is different and definitely irreplaceable. 

The bond between childhood best friends truly is unique and beautiful!

Why? Because...

They have seen us at our worst and best...

... and they are still here! What can be worse than a hormone-fueled teenage outburst? Your childhood friend has seen and been with you through that awkward and confusing time of trying to find your self and transitioning from a child to an adult. He or she has been there, having your back and seeing you grow, change, and become the person you are today. 

You never have to be afraid of showing them your true self, because they already know it. They have seen you fall in love for the very first time and comforted you when your crush broke your heart. They know all your secrets, even the embarrassing ones that you would never dare to tell anybody today. 

Your childhood best friends have seen you fall many time as well as succeed, and they know what you are capable of. There is no one better to motivate and encourage you - no one better to push you to become an even better person. You can almost say that they are your guardian angels!

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They are part of all your "firsts"

They held your hair the first time you were drunk and watched you from the distance the first time you talked to your crush. Every time you think about those "firsts", from your first party, your first vacation, the first time using make-up, to the first times of falling in love and heartbreaks. 

You and your childhood friend shared those important moments with each other, making them even more memorable. Every time you see each other, there are so many fun memories to talk about and to be nostalgic about. 

It doesn't matter if you haven't talked in a day or a month

The bond between you and your childhood friend is so special - you guys understand each other without talking. You know that even if you don't talk to each other every day, you are on each others mind and can always talk to each other. No matter how much time goes by without contact, you guys never have to doubt your friendship and can pick up right where you guys left of. Conversations without an awkward silence and not knowing what to say? Not with your childhood best friend!

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There is nobody more trustworthy than your childhood best friend

They have proven over and over that you can trust them. They have listened to your problems, kept your secrets, and stood by your side for many years. The bond you have is built on experiences and trust, and there will be no stronger friendship than that. 

By now, you guys are so close to each other that you know that they won't ditch you for anything. The trust between you and your childhood friend is about more than not spilling secrets... it's about being accepted, loved, and not criticized no matter what. You feel safe in each others company, knowing that you can say anything without being judged. 

No matter what, you childhood best friend will always be there for you - shared memories and nostalgic feelings included. Talking and spending time with them never gets boring, and there is nobody out there that understands and knows you better. 

What great memories have you shared with your childhood friend? Tell me about them, I would love to know!

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