Cute Workout Clothes That Will Make You Want to Sweat

cute and practical workout clothes for women

For most of us, working out is hard. Some days we just can't seem to motivate us and to get sweaty. But we really should! An active and healthy lifestyle is more important than most of us realize AND it can be so much fun (yes, seriously!). 

I like to switch between workout programs (mostly from Beachbody), weight exercises in the gym, running, and taking classes like Zumba to keep my workouts interesting. There is nothing more motivating for me than a new workout to mix up my old routine... well, almost. I have to admit that I'm a sucker for cute and practical workout clothes - they are stylish and inspiring!

For my "want" this Wednesday I decided to put together some of my favorites right now, hopefully inspiring you guys as well! Let me know what you think :)

Blue bra

Pink bra

Blue shirt

Grey shirt

Outdoor jacket

Long Pants

Purple shorts

Running socks

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