Why We Just Love "Good Morning" Texts

Good Morning Text - You're Beautiful

I'm personally not the biggest fan of texting too much with my significant other... way too many possibilities of misunderstandings! 

The only times my husband and I text during the day is to check up on dinner plans, remind each other of important appointments, and maybe to ask for small favors. Still, it always does put a smile on my face when I receive a "Good Morning" text from him. 

My husband usually has to get up around 2 hours before me, and he is kind enough not to wake me up (very dangerous!) and let me sleep. Receiving a text from him during the morning really makes my day!

My husband wishing me a great day and thinking about me during his stressful day just makes me really happy and instantly enlightens my mood. It's such a romantic way, even after all this time of being together, to show me that he cares for me. 

If you are not living together, a random text in the morning can show you that you are the first thing he thinks about after waking up. 

I think it's the little and random ways of telling person that you love him that can make a difference in a relationship and keep the spark alive. You don't have to come up with a grand gesture to show your love and appreciation for your sweetheart - little and unexpected things can strengthen you relationship, whether you have been dating for a couple of weeks or many years. 

Show your loved one that you don't take him/her for granted by doing something thoughtful every day. How about sending a sweet "good morning" text to show that the person you love is always on your mind?

Sweet Good Morning Text

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