7 Gorgeous Halloween Makeup Ideas + Tutorials

Crazy Clown Makeup by Helen Torsgarden

Putting on a Halloween-costume to transform yourself is easy, but what if you want more? 
Maybe it's time for you to get creative with your makeup and to use more than just fake blood and false lashes to make your costume really stand out.

The internet is full of gorgeous and genius Halloween makeup tutorials just waiting for your to get your brushes and sponges ready!

Check out these amazing makeup's and let yourself get inspired!

Zombie Barbie
Tutorial by Michelle Phan

Leopard/Cheetah Makeup
Tutorial by Elicia Aragon

Half Skull
Tutorial by Roxxsaurus

Pop Art/Comic Book Makeup
Tutorial by Emma Pickles

Vampire Makeup

Tutorial by Desi Perkins

Sugar Skull/Day of the Dead
Tutorial by Shonagh Scott

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