How to Instantly De-Stress Yourself

We all have these days when we can't seem to keep up with everything that is going on in our life. No matter if we feel as if we are drowning in tons of workload or if we can't seem to keep up with the responsibilities in our personal life - life can be stressful! We constantly have to worry about our health (are we eating right?), about our love life (or trying to have one), family issues (aren't there always any?), and other things that we have to face at adults (childhood as so much easier, right?)
Not being stressed is easier said than done - we can't just drop everything and take a much needed vacation (or a spa trip). Still, we have to relax and de-stress sometimes - don't let stress take over and keep you from being happy and full-filled!

So, the next time you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed try some of these great tips that will help you to relax and keep your head free instantly.

1. Eat some mood-boosting food like chocolate (but watch the calories)

2. Open the windows and let some air in 

3. Call your best friend

4. Take some deep breaths

5. Listen to relaxing music

6. Have a hot bubble bath

7. Light up a nice smelling candle

8. Buy some flowers

9. Exercise or go for a walk

10. Laugh (watch a funny video on YouTube)

11. Do some yoga and/or some stretching

12. Make a list of all the things you are thankful for

13. Hug somebody (hugging and holding hands scientifically reduces stress)

14. Take a technology break

15. Meditate 

What do you usually do to relief stress?

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