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Those who have been following me for a couple of weeks know that I have had a couple different blog designs - keeping the overall layout the same but playing with my header and colors. 

I love being creative and playing with colors and pattern, especially while drinking a glass of wine (so relaxing!). 

I have been trying to find a design that really fits my personality and that expresses on some level the idea of my blog - but the internet offers so many options! After searching again on Pinterest for different fonts, color schemes, and Clip Arts, I found some really pretty watercolor flowers.... for free!

I immediately fell in love with them, and since they came with as single flowers and stems, I was able to totally customize my own design (and even change the color a bit by using the saturation option on my photo editor). 

Deciding to keep my original font the same, I created a header that I'm super happy about! The flowers I used came from Angie Makes, which is a website with many graphics, blog layouts and free stuff (go check them out!).

What do you think about the new design? What's your favorite creative outlet?

Share your thoughts with me!

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