Be Fit: How To Finally Enjoy Running

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Running has never been something I truly enjoyed. In the gym, you will see me dancing embarrassingly during Zumba classes or getting some strength training on - but never on the treadmill. 

Running is hard and I personally find it boring. There are so many other fitness activities that I enjoy more, so I usually avoid running at all cost. My husband on the other side is a born runner who sprints with such ease that it turns me green of jealousy. He just makes it look so easy and fun!
He recently told me about a 10k run for an organization that helps to keep the city green and preserve the nature. For every runner, they plant three new trees in the city, which is such a great way to do something positive for our environment. The run is also a great motivation for me to finally start getting back into running.

Your intentions might be different. You might want to loose some weight or/and get fit and already know that running is the best cardiovascular exercise - pumping blood through your body, releasing endorphins and getting your heart rate up. Or you might already be fit and want to try some different exercises to switch up your routine. 

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For whatever reason you want to start (and enjoy) running, here are some tips on how to make it easier and fun:

Start with Walking
If you haven't run before, it's important to build a base before you start going all in. Otherwise, you will get discouraged if you can't run for longer than a couple of minutes without stopping and you could actually hurt yourself. Start by going on brisk walks and by incorporating walks in between your runs. With a bit of time, you will be able to run longer without walking in between. Tip: The app Couch to 5k offers free training plans for beginners that start with one minute of running in between longer walks. With each session, you will gradually increase your running until you can run 5k without stopping.

Set a Goal
Setting and tracking goals is a great way to stay motivated. No matter if your goal is to run 30 minutes without stopping or to participate in a 5k or 10k run - training for something is complete different experience than simply exercising. Also, it's important to plan rewards for smaller goals that you reach in-between your training (like a manicure for sticking with your workout for 2 weeks or new lingerie when you are able to run 10 minutes without stopping).

Good Music
A playlist can make or break your workout. Good and upbeat music can give your workout a kick and motivate you to keep going  - especially music that makes you want to move! Also, without music running can be so boring! Make the best out of your workout with some good tunes - like the songs here and here

Run Outside
Just like running without music, running on a treadmill is boring and can get monotone very fast. When running outside, you get distracted by all the things you see that you might not notice how fast time flies by! Also, outside you might have hills and winds making your workout more challenging, but also preparing you better for actuall runs. And then there is Vitamin D, which can be attained by sun exposure and is important to strong bones and a healthy immune system (but be careful! Always were sun screen when running outside to avoid burns).

Gear Up
Investing in a good sports bra and running shoes is important for a good form. A good pair of running shoes can prevent foot and ankle damage and make your workout more comfortable. They can also lessen the impact of your step and cushion your food (especially on hard pavement) and improve your overall performance. A high-impact sports bra can help to prevent damage like mastalgia (breast pain) and breast ptosis (breast sag), so it's important to invest in a good fitting sports bra.

Do you enjoy running and have any helpful tips to add? 

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