8 Stunning and Clever Mason Jar Crafts - Try Them Today!

It's almost impossible to escape the many Mason Jar crafts when browsing on Pinterest - and why should you, they are so versatile and easy to make! No matter if you are looking for cute storage options or decorations that will give your home a personal touch, recycled Mason Jars are the perfect DIY. 

1. Natural Mosquito Repellent


This smart blogger realized that a mason jar fits perfectly in the middle of a small, round chicken feeder. Storing seeds this way will keep your feathered friends visiting all season long.
Get the tutorial at Little House Living »

4. Glitter Mason Jar

Pink mason jar with glitter. How to DIY.

Get your kids saving with these adorable homemade banks! | Fireflies and Mud Pies

Mason Jar Candle Holder for a Beach Wedding. absolutely adorable! would be great for any nautical themed party too or just because it's cute!:
Chalky Painted Mason Jars

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

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